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Who's built to beat Alabama, and the other biggest Week 2 questions answered

Sip a coffee, slip on some headphones, and come hang with your college football pals!

On Week 2 of Wake Up, College Football, Dan Rubenstein and Richard Johnson dive into the following topics:

• A year after losing to Deshaun Watson and Clemson in the national championship, who, either inside or outside of the SEC, is best built to take down Nick Saban and Alabama? Gus Malzahn and Auburn now that they have new QB Jarrett Stidham? An Ed Orgeron-led LSU team with Matt Canada's more innovative offense? Can Clemson contend with new QB Kelly Bryant?

• What college football item from Week 1 can we both overreact to and also stand by for the duration of the season?

• On a special pop-up game show, let's try and guess which angry fanbase (between Texas, Texas A&M, or Florida) is represented with various frustrated message board posts

• Following Texas A&M RB Trayveon Williams confidently wielding the Aggie drum major's mace, what are our dream college football sideline props?

• Who do we like in some of the biggest Week 2 matchups? Can Clemson once again take down Auburn, this time at home? Is Notre Dame QB Brandon Wimbush up to the task of throwing through Kirby Smart's Georgia defense?

... and much more!