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Alex Smith is bombing all over the Patriots, just like no one expected

The short-yard extraordinaire has found his deep-yard prowess.

Alex Smith has found his deep ball, and it’s saving the Chiefs from falling behind the New England Patriots.

First, Smith hit Tyreek Hill with a 75-yard touchdown pass to get the deep-pass party started. We know that Hill is capable of these long touchdowns as the NFL’s fastest player, but this isn’t normally Smith’s game.

While you might have figured that was going to be the one banger that Smith produced, he wasn’t finished.

Rookie running back Kareem Hunt is having himself a night, and had the first big play of his NFL career on a 78-yard pass from Smith. As soon as Hunt got his hands on the ball, he outran the Patriots defense as he scooted up the Gillette Stadium turf for the touchdown, giving the Chiefs the 28-27 lead.

The reception was Hunt’s fourth career reception, and he certainly made the most of that one.

If Smith can keep this type of play up, the Chiefs are going to be fun to watch all season.

But this is still the first game of the season — so we’ll see. Right now, Deep Ball Alex Smith has been a ton of fun to watch.