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Patriots’ loss to Chiefs means it's time to retire the 28-3 meme

Here are eight new memes for the 2017 season following the Chiefs’ big win on Thursday night.

Before their season opener against the Chiefs, the Patriots joined the rest of the world in laughing at the Falcons blowing a 25-point lead in Super Bowl LI. The scoreboard in Gillette Stadium read — you guessed it — 28-3. That capped off months of jokes at the Falcons’ expense.

Let’s face it. That 28-3 meme is tired at this point. Everyone knows the Falcons blew a 25-point lead. All of the jokes have been told. You can’t milk this score for any more humor.

We need some new memes — ones the entire NFL-watching world can embrace. And thankfully, the Chiefs’ big 42-27 win over the Patriots gave us a lot of material to work with.

We present to you eight new memes for the 2017 football season.

1. Angry Tom Brady

We don’t often see Tom Brady mad on the sidelines. That’s because he’s usually not about to drop a home opener to the Chiefs. But he was M-A-D on Thursday night.

This looks like it’s probably the expression Brady makes when he orders avocado ice cream and someone brings him coconut milk ice cream instead. It would also be an appropriate substitute for that old-timey classic, Grumpy Cat:

2. Matt Patricia’s side-eye

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was salty, too. Not, like, Salt Bae salty, but definitely sore. Any time you feel the need to let someone know you’re giving them the side-eye, Patricia’s got you covered:

3. Maurice Jones-Drew told you so

Jones-Drew picked the Chiefs to win, and it wasn’t a popular opinion, especially because he gave Andy Reid the edge over Bill Belichick. But Jones-Drew nailed it, and he’s not shy about reminding us:

4. Krabby Bill Belichick

I don’t know how this happened, either, Bill. But Bill Belichick > Mr. Krabs. Yeah, I said it:

5. The saddest Patriots fans

I can’t look at these photos of Patriots fans during the game and not think of that sad Sarah McLachlan song that plays in the ASPCA commercials. I WILL REMEMBER YOUUUUUUUUU:

6. Peace out

Are you just totally done with somebody? Tyreek Hill has the perfect meme for you:

7. Current mood

Justin Houston gives us the perfect meme to convey the emotions of many NFL fans outside of New England as of right now:

8. Check out the scoreboard

And if you just have to have a scoreboard meme, well, might we suggest this instead of the tired old 28-3 one:

The Patriots will probably bounce back, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put the 28-3 meme to rest and enjoy some new ones. It’s a new season, after all.