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NHL players tried to draw their teams’ logos, and it didn’t go very well

Players were asked to draw team logos at media day. Some did better than others.

Nobody makes it to the NHL because they’re great at drawing. We already knew this because it’s a professional hockey league, and not an art gallery, but USA Today helpfully reminded us by asking various players to try to draw their respective teams’ logos at media day.

Some of the results are actually pretty good, like Max Domi’s fairly accurate Coyotes logo or Tanner Pearson’s Kings logo:

Others, not so much:

Some of the 31 logos are definitely easier to draw than others, so it’s hard to blame some players for struggling to sketch the logo they wear on their sweater regularly all year. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with Chris Tanev’s Vancouver logo, although maybe he should’ve gone for the much simpler alternate.

Here are all the drawings, via USA Today’s Jimmy Hascup:

I know that I’d have a tough time adequately drawing the logo of my favorite team solely from memory. Luckily, these guys are paid for what they do with hockey sticks, not pens or paint brushes.