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This 87-yard fumble is how you get a THIRD-AND-FREAKING 93


Here’s something that I have, very legitimately, never seen before in my life:

This is an 87-yard loss on a fumble. Louisiana Tech had third-and-goal from right in front of Mississippi State’s end zone, and then the Bulldogs lost 87 yards.

We’ve since set this to “Yakety Sax”:

This is a not-Photoshopped screencap from ESPN’s box score:

This is a not-Photoshopped look at the stadium video board:

I want to emphasize that this exact spot is where the play started.

And that this exact spot is where the next play started.

Check the game clock at the bottom of both of those images. Then make note of the point that Louisiana Tech, the team wearing blue, is on offense in both plays.

I think we’re all prone to hyperbole sometimes. In football, pretty much everything has happened at least once. Maybe this has happened before, somewhere. But if you’re like me and you’ve never seen something like this for yourself, what can you even say? This is the most jaw-dropping work of football art I’ve seen in a long while.

The last time we saw a play remotely like this? 2011 Georgia, thanks to penalties:

And finally, here is the 87-yard fumble, as set to “El Sonidito”: