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The Worst: 2012’s Alabama-LSU rerun was 100% college football’s ugliest national championship ever

Maybe our easiest pick ever.

In the wake of Alabama and Georgia putting on one hell of a 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship game, especially since it was two SEC teams competing, let’s take a look back to figure out why the first meeting between two SEC teams in a modern national championship game was actually the worst the game has ever been.

Between the fact that the game itself was a rematch (or rather, rerun), dynamic QB play was missing with starters AJ McCarron (Alabama) and Jordan Jefferson (LSU) , and that the “national” element was missing, the matchup was always going to be a bit of a tough sell. Add in the fact that the two teams, led by head coaches Nick Saban (Tide) and Les Miles (Tigers) had already played to a less-than-thrilling, touchdown-free 9-6 overtime (!) game loaded with future NFL talent on both defenses, and it’s not hard to imagine another game with limited, if not nearly invisible, offense, and you get TV that’s begging to be turned off.

Here is that story!