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NFL making 3 West Coast teams play London games in 2018

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Here’s everything you need to know about the London games next season.

NFL: International Series-Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s International Series rolls on in 2018 with another series of games taking place in London. On Thursday, the league announced its upcoming schedule, featuring the Jon Gruden-led Raiders, Carson Wentz and the Eagles, and the Seahawks.

What are the games?

The Jaguars, regulars on the London circuit, will “host” the Eagles in one game. And unlike years past when the Jaguars struggled, this one should be pretty good. In fact, all of the games ticketed for London look to be, on paper nine months out, solid matchups.

The Seahawks will take on the Raiders, and the Chargers will face the Titans.

The Seahawks will face the Raiders, who are the “home” team in this one, on Oct. 14 at the new Tottenham Hotpur stadium.

The Jaguars will “host” the Eagles on either Oct. 21 or 28. Whichever one of those dates the Jags and Eagles don’t end up playing will be the date when the Chargers will “host” the Titans. Both of those games will happen at Wembley Stadium.

Kickoff times for the games were not announced on Thursday morning.

What are the most interesting things to know this year?

The three games are heavy on West Coast teams. The Raiders, Chargers, and Seahawks, three of the six teams playing across the pond next season, will all have to travel the 10,000 miles or so to play those games. Teams coming from the West Coast to the East Coast already have a disadvantage, so tacking on a few more time zones won’t help.

It’s also a first for three of the teams. The Eagles, Seahawks, and Titans are three of the six NFL teams that have never played a game in the UK.

Which stadiums are hosting this time?

The games will be played at Wembley Stadium and a new stadium in north London built for the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotpur.