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Saints’ monster offensive line poised to plow through the postseason

No wonder Drew Brees was so comfortable dominating the Panthers last week.

Disrespectful Blocks of the Week continues with Wild Card Weekend! And it was a wild weekend. The Titans overcame an 18-point deficit on the road to beat the Chiefs. The Falcons headed to L.A. and smoked the Rams. The Jaguars and Bills played a game that set offensive football back years, and it finished with the Panthers coming so close to pulling off the upset. Let’s get started.

Saints left guard Andrus Peat has been a monster. He broke his leg during this game, and he’s now out the rest of the postseason. This is a big loss for the Saints, especially heading to Minnesota. But before he got hurt, he laid out this safety who’s down in the box. Play in the box, and be ready for some big boy football!

Sticking in New Orleans, Saints right guard Larry Warford has been a monster free agent signing. Here, Warford is pulling to the right on a G-lead play. The flag is for the fullback. Warford doesn’t get a flag because he keeps running his feet to finish his block. If he had stopped his feet and finished by shoving, he probably gets a flag.

Moving right along to Los Angeles, where the Rams offense just wasn’t as explosive as usual. Credit the Falcons defense for playing fast. It looked ready from the jump. Rams left guard Rodger Saffold is always ready for a disrespectful block. Here, he helps Andrew Whitworth on the double team and then gets a full slab with the center!

Tackles getting out on screens have a difficult job. They have to avoid the defensive end, then get out flat to have a great angle on the defender they are going to block. Jack Conklin clears the defensive end and makes his way to his defender. He’s a tad upfield, but that doesn’t matter because Darrelle Revis isn’t moving anywhere. So Conklin moves him for himself.

We finish with Marcus Mariota throwing a block to win the game for the Titans. It’s not a “disrespectful” block, but I felt it needed to be included.