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Patriots scored on a play they borrowed from the Chiefs, for the second time this season

Thanks, Andy Reid!

The Chiefs might not be in the postseason anymore, but the Patriots are paying homage to them.

After the Titans took a 7-0 lead, the Patriots were able to get in the end zone on this play:

What’s that got to do with the Chiefs, you ask? Well, the Chiefs ran that play against the Texans in Week 5, and it worked like a charm with one of their speeders, De’Anthony Thomas:

The Patriots changed the formation ever so slightly to hide the play, but it worked all the same. And in fact, it’s not the only time the Patriots have run the play this season.

In their Super Bowl rematch against the Falcons the very next week after the Chiefs ran it, the Patriots used it:

Even though the Chiefs got eliminated from the postseason, there’s still a (likely) chance that a team can get a win with their calls.