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Calais Campbell predicted the Jaguars would beat the Steelers 45-42 one week before they did

Campbell is a fierce football player and a psychic, apparently.

The Jaguars had plenty of doubters going into their Divisional Round game against the Steelers. They’d come out with a 45-42 win, something that nobody could have seen coming.

Well, except for Calais Campbell, that is.

He called the score last week to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, who tweeted the video of Campbell’s spot-on prediction.

He also believes there’s more to it:

Campbell, who was Stephen White’s Hoss of the Year, apparently has a talent we didn’t know about. He’s a damn psychic.

In describing Campbell, White wrote, “Campbell had a fantastic season, but Campbell has been so much more than just a pass rusher this year.”

Somehow, we have a hunch that even Stephen didn’t know that Campbell had this in him.

Campbell’s not the only guy associated with the Jaguars with these powers of foresight. Maurice Jones-Drew correctly predicted the Jaguars’ regular-season win over the Steelers back in Week 5. But there’s a new clairvoyant in town.

Of course, we all learned a lot about what the Jaguars are capable of in their big win against the Steelers. We’ll learn even more when they play the defending champion New England Patriots next week for a trip to the Super Bowl.