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The Vikings’ radio call of Stefon Diggs’ ‘Minneapolis miracle’ was perfect

Let Paul Allen take you through this incredible moment in NFL history.

Stefon Diggs’ game-winning touchdown against the Saints was one of those plays in sports that gets remembered not only for its levels of heroism, but the reactions that it draws as well.

The Vikings’ radio call, perfectly voiced by Paul Allen, will give you chills and help you take in one of the best moments in Minnesota Vikings history:

Allen yells “It’s a Minneapolis miracle!” as the Vikings took the 29-24 victory.

It’s going to be a call that children in Minnesota will grow up knowing, whether or not they follow sports.

The Vikings were down by one with 10 seconds left and no timeouts from their own 39-yard line. Case Keenum stepped up into the pocket, and delivered what became the most famous pass in Vikings history.

Stefon Diggs’ reaction at the end was pretty swell:

The Vikings have one more game to go before potentially playing for the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

But they should take some time to enjoy this one — it’s rare.