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All Stefon Diggs could say after his game-winning TD was ‘damn that sh*t feel good’

I bet, Stefon!

The Minnesota Vikings advanced to the NFC Championship game after Stefon Diggs’ miraculous game-winning reception.

“I still don’t know what just happened, I really don’t,” he told ESPN’s Josina Anderson after the game.

He then followed it up with an all-time answer:

“All I can say is, give it to God. Because without him, nothing is possible and I wouldn’t be here so — damn that shit feel good!”

Diggs’ touchdown came when the Vikings had 10 seconds left, and no timeouts. Diggs caught the ball over Marcus Williams, and cruised to the end zone for the biggest play of his life:

Very few players will make such a crucial catch as Diggs did in a game that big. So it’s understandable when he’s at a loss for words.

Hopefully he’s able to enjoy this moment before the Vikings head to Philadelphia with the goal of making it back to Minnesota for the Super Bowl.