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The U.S. Bank Stadium sideline cam captured the deafening euphoria of the Vikings’ final play

You can’t just watch it once.

The Minnesota Vikings’ Divisional Round win against the Saints is one of the more spectacular finishes in sports in recent memory. Without question one of the best NFL finishes of all time.

But this particular view of the final play will shoot chills down your spine as the U.S. Bank Stadium crowd erupts the moment Stefon Diggs sends the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game:

The images in this video are breathtaking.

There’s the calm (and fear of losing) to start the video as the Vikings start from their own 39-yard line. Suddenly, Diggs makes his reception and sprints down the sideline. It’s followed by fireworks lighting up the stands, as a roar like you’ve never heard before overcomes the stadium. (The official is also being a gigantic party pooper by throwing a flag because Diggs threw his helmet.)

It then pans over to Diggs, being surrounded by his Vikings teammates as they celebrate their seemingly impossible victory.

The video ends with “BRING IT HOME,” a message to the Vikings who will now try to win one more game to play in Super Bowl LII at their home stadium.

We just can’t get enough of this game. This is why we love sports.

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