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The Vikings and Saints played a classic, plus 5 other things we loved from the NFL’s Divisional Round

Stefon Diggs is a hero, and the Hatin’ Ass Jags are BACK!

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints played one of the best football games Sunday that any of us have ever seen. There’s really nothing that I, or anybody else, can put into words to adequately express just how amazing what we saw was.

And yeah, that’s our job: to be able to take these moments and try to put their value or meaning into words. But this is one of those instances when you just have to enjoy it for what it was. Trying to describe that feels like cheating the moment and the game.

Sunday’s game was already going to be labeled as a classic after the Saints came back in the second half. But Stefon Diggs made it iconic with his game-winning reception and dash to the end zone:

The sideline cam view of this will shoot chills straight down your spine. And if it doesn’t, well, go get you a checkup:

You can’t draw that up in a movie. That play in that moment doesn’t happen; it’s not supposed to happen. NFL teams don’t let those plays leak through — maybe a college or high school team, but not an NFL team.

But it did. Diggs made the play, and he couldn’t even believe it himself. I mean, how could he?

“I still don’t know what just happened, I really don’t,” he told ESPN’s Josina Anderson after the game:

Also, BREAKING NEWS FROM DIGGS HIMSELF: “Damn that shit feel good!”

There’s really nothing else to say. Diggs and the Vikings — who have been playing with a third-string quarterback all season — are now just a win away from playing for the Super Bowl on their home turf. Even if they weren’t, that’s a hell of a way to win a football game at any level.

Here’s what else we loved from the NFL’s Divisional Round.


I love me some good shit talking. It’s a part of what makes sports fun, and nobody does it better than the Jaguars.

They held up that reputation during their game against the Steelers but never more than when Telvin Smith returned this fumble for a touchdown in the first half:


Myles Jack wanted to chip in, too:

[listens to All Star by Smash Mouth once]

Jameis Winston (wishes he could) eat Ws. Myles Jack and the Jaguars serve Ls. Imagine the possibilities for next week when we get Tom Brady against this defense.

The Hatin’ Ass Jags might be at an all-time high. Don’t miss that.

This was a bad idea, for many reasons

Local New Orleans news station WWLTV decided to take a jab at the Falcons on Saturday night via Twitter after the Dirty Birds were eliminated from the postseason. It featured a tweet in which they wanted Falcons fans to enjoy a song “on the world’s smallest violin.”

This would have been a nice little troll job from the local news. Except for a couple of things:

  1. That’s a PIANO
  2. Stefon Diggs caught a pass, or something.

Don’t try so hard next time, y’all. If you’re going to open a can of Haterade, don’t choke on it.

Put this assist in the box score

As much as this pains me, Atlanta Falcons Fan, this was one heck of a play. Nick Foles threw the ball right into three Falcons defenders for what should have been an interception.

Instead, the ball bounced off the knee of Robert Alford (American hero) and into the hands of Torrey Smith:

Among the L that the Falcons recorded, Alford should get an assist for this play. It’s not like Smith is going to make that catch from 20 yards away without the bones, tendons, and cartilage from Alford’s knee.

Add this one to that long list of things that go wrong in Atlanta sports. There’s plenty of room on the never-ending scroll.

Old man seen dancing

Look at Jeff Lurie getting down after the Eagles upset the Falcons at home:

I don’t know (and I’m sure you don’t either) what the hell he’s doing, but it doesn’t matter. His team won. He’s out here slapping at some imaginary jawns because those Eagles are flying.

They get the Vikings next, which seems like a team of destiny after Sunday’s game. But who really knows in a matchup between two teams with backup quarterbacks!


After the TitansEric Decker made a catch with 4:15 to go in their game against the Patriots, Bill Belichick decided to challenge whether or not he actually made the grab. When the Patriots were up four touchdowns, mind you.

And well, the best part about the whole thing was the actual throwing of the challenge flag:

Belichick was already disinterested with the fact that he had to play the *Titans* in the postseason. But add that he has to go through the formality of throwing a challenge flag — and that’s the final drop in the bucket.

If the Patriots didn’t try to be robots all the time, Belichick and his players would certainly be saying something about how they didn’t believe they even had to show up.

But they’re dry and boring instead!


Divisional Round scores

Eagles 15, Falcons 10

Patriots 35, Titans 14

Jaguars 45, Steelers 42

Vikings 29, Saints 24

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