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Experience the Rockets-Clippers locker room dustup in 33 hilarious tweets

Twitter made Monday night’s drama this much better.

Thursday update: The complete story about the locker room “fight” has come out, and the facts are a little bit different from what we all believed on Monday. Here’s the full story.

There are occasionally moments so ridiculous, so ludicrous, so unbelievable, that it turns Twitter into a feeding frenzy for any and every joke that could possibly be made. Monday night was that. If you missed it, I am truly sorry for you.

To sum up what happened in one paragraph: Chris Paul, in his return to Los Angeles, got mad at Blake Griffin for elbowing his coach and at Austin Rivers for talking shit to Trevor Ariza, and so Paul, Ariza, and James Harden attempted to enter the Clippers locker room through a “secret” backdoor tunnel while sending Clint Capela to the front door as a decoy, which led to the cops getting called and probably suspensions despite no physical altercations actually happening between the two sides. I swear to everything that it happened just like that. Here’s a much more elaborate recap, but that’s the gist.

The shenanigans and tomfoolery happening at Staples Center paled in comparison to the Twitter moment that happened over those two or three hours. You can never relive it — it’s impossible to duplicate being in the moment — but we compiled the best tweets from the evening.


The incredible thing about this tweet is that it was sitting there for nearly an hour before someone finally thought to send it. I’m so mad I didn’t think of it. But I’m glad it was Seerat, an SB Nation contributor and an NBA must follow.

I’m equally upset I didn’t send this tweet, which is just perfectly constructed.

And this is the best damn gif recap of the entire thing, period.


Please, J.J.

Here are a couple Clippers weighing in.

And here’s Rockets general manager Daryl Morey (not a player, but he’ll count for this category) with an almost-too-clever pun referencing the famous quote, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” And “The Truth” is Paul Pierce’s nickname, of course.


Look, Austin Rivers has turned himself into a positive basketball player this season, but he’s still rather unlikable. There’s the whole nepotism thing, where his dad signed him despite most of the NBA wondering whether he even deserved to be in the league, and he talks constant trash. So no, it was hardly a surprise when Rivers got the brunt of this.


When ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted about Paul leading the Rockets through a back entrance is when Twitter lost it.


And again, when it was revealed that Clint Capela acted as a diversion at the front door.


Anderson, bless his heart, could pass for a mid-level accountant at a paper supply company if he wasn’t 6’10. We all know he wanted no part of this, any of this, and we can all respect that. But Twitter will roast you for that — them’s the rules.


Here are more good tweets. This LaVar Ball joke blew me away.

This was the best Cliff Paul joke made all night.

Here’s an excellent callback to the last night we had on Twitter like this, the DeAndre Jordan emoji night.

And just a few more:


If so, you truly missed the best night of the year.