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Vikings’ video shows the incredible range of emotions fans went through during the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’

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This is why sports are the best.

Stefon Diggs’ game-winning touchdown against the Saints, appropriately dubbed the “Minneapolis Miracle,” was one of the most thrilling football plays in years. Of course, it generated some pure, exuberant, and emotional responses from fans.

The Minnesota Vikings compiled a nearly three-minute video that starts off with Diggs’ heroics, and gets to fans losing their minds over the unexpected success:

The reactions ranged from jumping up and down, to people trying to scream their lungs out, to even just nothing but tears of joy.

One person even jumped in a pool, which — *checks date* — was probably pretty cold!

The fans weren’t the only ones who didn’t know how to react. Diggs himself was speechless after the game:

The ride isn’t over for the Vikings and their fans. If they’re able to beat the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday, they’ll be playing for their first Super Bowl victory in team history.

The best part is that they’ll have a chance to do it at home.

Sports are good!