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There’s something you didn’t notice about Stefon Diggs’ ‘Minneapolis Miracle’

It’s easy to miss.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Stefon Diggs’ walk-off touchdown against the New Orleans Saints is one of the best football moments of all time. If it took place in the Super Bowl, we’d happily place the crown upon the head of the moment to never be overthrown as king.

You’d be hard pressed to find a scene in sports that’s better than this one:

So much came from this single play. Right before, we got an attempted troll-job by Saints head coach Sean Payton. We saw the most human reactions you’ll see after a game from both Diggs and Everson Griffen. There were the reactions compiled by the Vikings of fans expressing every possible human emotion after the moment.

But lost in all of the reaction were the cleats that Diggs was wearing — inspired by Future’s album DS2 (it’s Dirty Sprite 2, but you know they couldn’t have that for many reasons).

Mache, who is one of the better known cleat and sneaker artists out there, had Diggs right for the game:

In his caption, Mache says, “Hopefully these go for two TDs today.” Diggs only got one, but it’s the only one that mattered in the end. It also cemented his place in NFL history.

The cleats have “STICK TALK” and “COLOSSAL” on the sides, a pair of (fire) tracks from the album. In “Colossal,” Future says in the hook, “This shit gettin’ colossal,” which you could say accurately describes that final play.

It’s as if the cleats predicted the best 10 seconds of Diggs’ career, and the 2017 NFL season.

HOT TAKE ALERT: Diggs doesn’t make that catch if he’s got — I don’t know — a Beatles album on his feet. If Diggs puts FUTURE on his NFC Championship cleats, they might as well not even play the game. That’s a W.

Respect the footwork, y’all.

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