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The Eagles’ offensive line bulldozed the Falcons out of the playoffs

Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz gives a nod to all five Eagles linemen for their wonderfully disrespectful blocking last week.

This week’s edition of Disrespectful Blocks might as well be called, the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line dominates the Atlanta Falcons. Each one of the Eagles’ offensive linemen gets a block on the reel. There’s also one from Jacksonville and New England.

The Eagles are in the NFC Championship game with a backup quarterback in large part because of their offensive line. The line needed to have a big game last Saturday afternoon to protect Nick Foles and to give the running game a big boost. Running the ball takes the pressure off Foles. The Eagles’ OL delivered.

Starting left to right with Eagles’ left tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai. Big V has filled in well for All-Pro Jason Peters. It’s impossible to replace a guy like that, but Big V has settled in and done the job. Here, he uses textbook footwork, gets his hands inside and runs his feet for the finish!

Next up is the left guard Stefen Wisniewski. Wiz has stabilized the position for the Eagles, who were rotating guards early in the season. He’s been excellent in space all season, and it shows again here. Wiz gets two on the screen! My favorite part is clearly his stare down afterwards. Wiz knows what he’s just done.

Along we go, heading to Eagles’ center Jason Kelce. If y’all refer back to my screen X’s and O’s video, you will see that you need to have a peel-back blocker on screens. Kelce delivers a textbook peel-back block. It’s a legal block as well. No contact to the head and neck, and it’s a monster block that springs the screen for good yardage.

Brandon Brooks has been a beast at right guard this season, earning a Pro Bowl nod. He dominates a linebacker in a must-have situation. The Eagles are coming out of the end zone and need a first down to end the game. Brooks does his part trying to get them the yards.

Lane Johnson was first-team All-Pro for a reason. He’s been a monster this season and it didn’t stop in this game. He has a down block, and he gets beat across his face. Most linemen would lean and hold, but not Johnson. He keeps his feet running, hands inside, and pancakes this poor defensive tackle on the way to celebrate in the end zone!

Jacksonville once again went to Pittsburgh and put it to the Steelers. The run game was crucial to their success, as it’s been all season. Jacksonville’s left guard and center execute a textbook Ace block. Patrick Omameh knocks the nose tackle on the ground and gets up to the linebacker. Brandon Linder originally shoulders the nose tackle to allow Omameh to knock him down. Then, Linder finishes the block.

Lastly, y’all know I love when a wide receiver gets a block, and New England’s Chris Hogan destroys a Titans’ linebacker who’s in man coverage with Dion Lewis!

Let me know your favorite block of the week!