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This Michael Beasley shot circled the rim five times before going in

And we have no idea how.

Michael Beasley is has made some tough shots in his career, but I have absolutely no clue how this one dropped. The ball circled the rim so much it made me dizzy just watching it.

Think about it: This is a pull-up jump shot with a hand in Beasley’s face. It has just the perfect backspin on the ball, looks as if it’s going to drop easily, toilet bowls about five times, and then finally drops.

Let’s count.


Normally, these things come right back out. But Beasley’s? Nah. He’s got that magic touch.

Shoutout to him. I guess this is all part of the job when you’re as cool as he is. You get to make cool toilet bowl shots no one else can.