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Stephen Curry played ‘Mario Kart 8’ on Hunter Pence’s Twitch stream and he didn’t do well

“How am I more nervous about this than the NBA Finals?”

We all know Stephen Curry is one of the best NBA players ever — he’s got the accolades and countless video highlights to prove it. So what would it look like if you caught Curry on a Twitch stream playing Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U? Well, Curry’s friend and San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence invited Curry to chill on his Coral Sword stream while the Warriors are visiting Houston.

Curry admits he dabbles in Mario Kart, but maybe not to the extent everyone else on the stream does. For most of his visit, Curry does not do well -- the worst he ever does is 10th place, and that was on the first race. But Curry has some short-lived redemption. He finishes second place as Yoshi in one race:

And in another race, he eventually hits first place as Waluigi before a green shell wrecks him:

This is not the first time athletes have appeared on Twitch or other gaming streams. There are fellow NBA stars Jeremy Lin and Gordon Hayward, who are big into esports; WWE’s Xavier Woods, who has a huge YouTube channel featuring other wrestlers; and UFC fighter Demetrious Johnson, who streams on a regular basis -- just to name a few. I don’t see Curry following Pence’s footsteps any time soon, wherein he sets up a Twitch account and becomes a streamer, even though that would be rad. But just imagine the kinds of custom emotes that would appear on a Stephen Curry stream. Just a lot of Klay Thompson as the PBS head logo flooding the chat, really.