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Vikings fans take over Rocky Steps in Philadelphia with a loud ‘Skol’ chant

Minnesota’s in the house!

The Minnesota Vikings are playing the Philadelphia Eagles on the road Sunday in the NFC Championship, but they’re doing their part to make it feel like home.

A large group of Vikings fans gathered at the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, and did their “Skol” chant:

The Vikings and their fans are feeling as hopeful as ever to make their first Super Bowl, after Stefon Diggs’ game-winning touchdown and the Minneapolis Miracle against the Saints.

The crowd at the game will still likely be an Eagles-heavy crowd, but it’s cool to see Vikings fans traveling for what looks like one of their more promising teams. It also doesn’t hurt that the Eagles are missing Carson Wentz.

It seems like if there ever were a time for the Vikings to win their first Super Bowl, it could be now.