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Tony Romo ends his first broadcasting year the same way he started it by predicting plays

Tony Romo’s so good at this.

Tony Romo exited his first season as an NFL broadcaster the same way he entered it — by calling plays before they even happened.

During the third quarter of the AFC Championship between the Jaguars and Patriots, Romo called the Jaguars going with crossers. Of course, Blake Bortles found Marqise Lee on the play:

In the fourth quarter, Romo called Danny Amendola coming across the field, which is exactly where the play went for a touchdown.

This has been routine for Romo this season. We saw early on that he was going to predict things before they happened, and that he was going to bring another aspect to the booth we hadn’t seen before.

One of his better works of the season was when he called his first game with the Cowboys, where he was able to use his connections to teammates from just a year earlier to enlighten us.

Romo’s finale being a Patriots game coming against a Jaguars team that’s been a wonderful surprise this season was a nice treat. Especially in a 24-20 Patriots comeback win.

We’re looking forward to more Romo as the years go on.