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Myles Jack ruined a great Patriots trick play by ripping the ball from Dion Lewis

This was one heck of a play by Jack.

The Jacksonville Jaguars came up with one of the more fortunate fumble recoveries we’ve ever seen in a football game.

Myles Jack was in pursuit of Dion Lewis and caught him from behind. The football popped loose, and Jack was able to come up with the football after what otherwise would have been a big gain by the Patriots:

The Patriots had run a nice trick play too. They passed the football back to Danny Amendola, who then threw it to Lewis who was on the other side of the field. It was Lewis’ first lost fumble all season.

The whistle also seemed a bit early, and could have turned into a nice return for Jacksonville. Regardless, the play was gigantic with the Jaguars up 20-10 and less than 14 minutes to go in the game.

It gave the Jaguars the football at their own 33-yard line, and a nice cushion after having a scare.