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Stephon Gilmore’s perfectly timed swat spoiled Blake Bortles’ chance to win the game

Just an incredible stretch and swat by Gilmore.

The Patriots make a signing every year that ends up paying dividends. On Sunday, there was one of those moments with Stephon Gilmore.

The Jaguars were faced with a fourth-and-14 from the Patriots’ 43-yard-line. Blake Bortles tried to find Dede Westbrook for the first down, but wasn’t able to connect because of an incredible stretch by Gilmore:

Dion Lewis’ first down on the ensuing drive sealed the win for the Patriots, and spoiled a chance for Blake Bortles to have a moment that could have silenced his doubters.

Bortles completed 23 of his 36 pass attempts on the evening, with 293 yards and a touchdown. After a sharp first half against the Patriots, it appeared the Jaguars could pull off the upset.

Instead, the Patriots are now going to yet another Super Bowl, and will await the winner of the Vikings-Eagles game in Philadelphia.