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Danny Amendola was just what Tom Brady and the Patriots needed in the second half

Rob Gronkowski’s absence was big, but Amendola stepped up.

Danny Amendola had himself one heck of a second half against the Jaguars after Rob Gronkowski went out, and put the Patriots up by four with less than three minutes to go.

Tom Brady found Amendola on second-and-goal from the Jacksonville 4-yard line, giving them the 24-20 lead with 2:48 to go:

Up to that point in the game, Amendola had seven receptions for 84 yards and two touchdowns, with nine targets coming from Brady. Amendola also had one rush for three yards, and completed a pass for 20 yards as well.

With the touchdown pass, Brady had completed 26 of his 38 pass attempts for 290 yards and two touchdowns. He would finish the game with the same numbers, after Jacksonville came up short in their attempt to regain the lead.

After the game, Dion Lewis had some (strong) thoughts on Amendola and his performance:

The Jaguars defense dominated the Patriots in the first half, but the Patriots — as they always do — make second half adjustments that can bring out the worst in any team.

As well as the best in themselves too, of course.