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Lincoln Financial Field boomed with fans singing ‘Fly, Eagles, Fly’ after their win over the Vikings

Terry Bradshaw regretted getting this started. He could barely present the trophy!

Terry Bradshaw got a “Fly Eagles Fly!” chant started at the podium while presenting the Eagles with the George Halas Trophy after beating the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

And it was deafening, as you might have imagined:

“Walking the streets I kinda learned the words of this great Eagles song!” Bradshaw said before starting the song.

Bradshaw tried to stop the fans from singing the song, but it was too late. Everybody on the podium and in the stadium started singing it, and even Bradshaw would admit he shouldn’t have started it.

Oh, and not to mention that Bradshaw played for the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the day. It’s treason for him to be starting that song.

The Eagles and their fans will be singing “Fly, Eagles, Fly” all the way to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.