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Patrick Robinson used his convoy of Eagles blockers for a pick-6 against the Vikings

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The Eagles needed a spark, and got it.

The Philadelphia Eagles got a shock with the Vikings’ quick start on their home turf in the NFC Championship game. But they would punch back.

Case Keenum was intercepted by Patrick Robinson, who ran many more than the 50 yards that will go into the box score for this touchdown:

Games where the Eagles have had a pick-six tend to go pretty well for them:

The veteran Robinson is in his first year with the Eagles. He joined the team in 2017 after spending last season with Indianapolis, and 2015 with the Chargers. Prior to that, he spent the first five seasons of his career with the Saints.

Robinson had four interceptions on the year, tying his career-best for a season. On Sunday against the Vikings, he came up with the biggest one of his career by far.

The Eagles are known for their stout run defense, but it was the secondary that was able to get them back into the game against the Vikings early.