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Bucks Twitter account accidentally celebrated Jason Kidd’s firing

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the birthday feature backfire.

The Milwaukee Bucks officially fired Jason Kidd on Monday afternoon, and if you didn’t know better, you might think that the official team Twitter account was celebrating it.

Hold up. What’s going on here? In the era of sterile social media accounts that are terrified of tweeting something that might make people mad — shoutout to the Kings and Hawks, always bucking the trend — it seems highly unlikely that they actually released balloons onto their page in celebration.

Of course they didn’t.

Jan. 22, 1968 was the day Milwaukee was awarded an NBA franchise — their birthday, if you will. The Bucks decided to put that as their official team Twitter account’s birthday — which triggers a very specific feature that will shower your page with balloons on said date. It has been around since 2015, but we’ve occasionally seen it backfire in instances like this.

It’s amazing.

No one is at fault here. The Bucks probably had to fire Jason Kidd, and the social media team did something that they never could have imagined backfiring on them, and Twitter is enjoying something that comes at the expense of no one. Or maybe Jason Kidd’s expense, but I don’t think he’s as worried about balloons on the Bucks Twitter page as much as how he actually lost his job on Monday. (And even then, Kidd should be fine. It might help him to take an associate head coaching job next, at least for a year or two, before jumping back into head coaching, but he’s a sharp NBA mind and a legendary player.)

Happy Jason Kidd firing day!

(h/t Samuel Lam on Twitter)