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The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown gave us a surprisingly intense dodgeball battle

Jarvis Landry pulled off a ridiculous comeback, and it was fun as hell.

NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To help you fully appreciate the finish of the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, allow me to set the stage real quick.

The NFC jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the first four drills of the day in Orlando. That didn’t matter too much, though, because a game of dodgeball in the end counted for three points.

It was all NFC in that game too, with AFC players dropping like flies until only Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry was left against Washington’s Ryan Kerrigan, Green Bay’s Mike Daniels, and Carolina’s Graham Gano. Even a rabid mongoose wouldn’t have a chance.

But then Landry got Kerrigan — albeit with a little bit of rules controversy. Kerrigan caught a Landry throw, but he dropped his own ball in the process, which is an elimination.

It was two-on-one after the stoppage to clear up the Kerrigan situation, and it quickly turned into a ridiculously fun duel between Landry and Gano for all the marbles.

After four dodges each, Landry finally won the game for the AFC by catching a throw from Gano while falling backward to complete the comeback.

Landry never had a doubt he’d get the job done, though.

“Can y’all believe they thought they were gonna get me with the kicker?” Landry asked.

Well, Jarvis, I gotta admit — I kinda did, especially when he hurdled Landry’s third shot at him and had the receiver on the back pedal. But alas, Gano just couldn’t quite get it done.

One person who was excited about the finish was Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey:

And with good reason. Players on the winning team in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown got $17,500 each for the victory, while the NFC players got $10,000 each. Ramsey and the rest of the AFC players owe Landry dinner or something for pulling off the comeback in an extremely entertaining game of dodgeball.