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Justin Tucker, Alex Collins steal the show at CBS’ ‘Most Valuable Performer’ special

Sadly, Collins’ Irish dancing didn’t make the cut.

Thursday evening, CBS presented its NFL MVP special. No, this wasn’t the actual MVP award that will be handed out at the Honors show — it’s the Most Valuable Performer, showing off various players’ off-field skills. Think of it like America’s Got Talent, but with NFL players, hosted by LL Cool J.

Anyway, the show started off well enough, with Brandon Williams doing his best Bruno Mars impression and Jonathan Stewart doing a piano cover of Adele’s “Hello.”

Business really picked up when Alex Collins, already known for his Irish dancing skills, showed it off on the stage.

Unfortunately, Collins didn’t make the cut for the final three, but he still rocked this sweet-ass belt:

The other performances included Kevin Zeitler doing a football routine with his dog and Domata Peko showing off his guitar skills. But Justin Tucker really stole the show with his opera pipes, nailing “Ave Maria” like he nails 50-yard field goals:

The final three came down to Stewart, Zeitler, and Tucker, with Tucker taking home the MVP honors and $50,000 for his charity. If he wants, he could have a long, prosperous career in opera whenever he hangs up the NFL cleats.

It was a fun show!