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Jimmy Garoppolo will make more money from the Super Bowl than Tom Brady

Jimmy G keeps benefiting from his New England departure.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo is going to get paid from the result of Super Bowl LII, regardless of outcome. He’s also going to get more money than Tom Brady after being traded from the Patriots to the 49ers the day before Halloween, according to a report from Sports Illustrated.

Article 37.4.c in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement states the following:

A player who at the time of the game in question is not on the Active List or Inactive List of a Club participating in the game but was on the Active or Inactive List for eight or more games (i.e., regular or postseason) will receive the full amount designated in Section 2 for such game provided he is not under contract to another Club in the same Conference at the time of the game in question.

With that, the CBA allows Garoppolo and the rest of the Patriots to get $112,000 for the Super Bowl if the Patriots win and $56,000 if they lose.

You might be asking yourself, “All right, if they’re getting the same amount of money, then how is Garoppolo making more than Brady!?”

Garoppolo should take home more money after income taxes. He won’t be traveling to Minnesota for the game — because he doesn’t play for the Patriots — and will not have to be subject to the state income tax rate of 9.85%.

To put this in the simplest of terms: For each day that Brady spends in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, his tax bill gets higher. Garoppolo doesn’t have to worry about that.

California state income tax (13.3%) is higher than Minnesota’s, but the state also requires a continuous presence in the state to be an actual resident first.

So assuming he gets his nice contract extension and whatever money comes from the Super Bowl, Garoppolo will have a nice offseason going into his first full season as 49ers quarterback.

Via: Sports Illustrated

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