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Nikola Mirotic made jelly and mayo sandwiches, and dipped oreos in orange juice for the Bulls

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional PB&J, fam.

The Chicago Bulls welcome us into “Nikola Miortic’s Kitchen” and honestly, I think we all wish that they never did.

The video is based on weird food combinations, and it starts with a jelly and mayo sandwich. Jelly. And mayo.

Paul Zipser, a second-year player from Germany, said that it looked delicious but added, “Maybe it’s not the best breakfast.” That’s a great observation, Paul!

Robin Lopez was clearly skeptical. Denzel Valentine, like any well-thinking human being, said he doesn’t even like mayo (because it’s gross!).

Mirotic then introduced oreos and orange juice, in which you dip the oreos in the orange juice and consume them.

I would try that so quickly before I tried the mayo and jelly sandwich. That sounds like some type of cruel punishment.

But both of these are terrible. Perhaps Bobby Portis punched Mirotic over this, because he’s not in the video and no person in their right mind would casually enjoy these combinations.

Might I recommend peanut butter with your jelly and milk with your Oreos. I’ve heard both are decent.