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6 highlights from Super Bowl media day for the Patriots, Eagles

We even got to see Bill Belichick laugh.

NFL: Super Bowl LII Opening Night Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl opening night officially kicked off the week of pregame festivities in Minnesota, and if you missed it, you really didn’t miss anything too important.

Tom Brady wore gloves to hide his hand injury, there was no news about the health of Rob Gronkowski, and players did their best to answer football questions in a way that would provide zero bulletin board material.

Luckily though, the night is much more about silliness than your average NFL press conference. And Monday provided plenty of ridiculous moments.

Here are six of the highlights from the media sessions of the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles:

Bill Belichick actually laughed

The Patriots coach is notorious for staying all business when dealing with the media. There was even a Belichick “smile counter” on NFL Network, but he was in a good mood Monday.

He even laughed at an incredibly corny football joke.

I find it hard to believe that Belichick has never heard the “I want my quarter back” joke before, but somehow the joke landed and got a laugh.

Tom Brady doesn’t know anything about pop culture

The Oscars? Nope.

Game of Thrones? Nope.

This Is Us? Nope.

Brady clearly doesn’t watch much TV.

Whatever he’s doing is working for him, so he probably isn’t going to start catching up on his pop culture trivia any time soon.

Brandin Cooks doesn’t know a thing about the Ninja Turtles

In keeping with the ‘NFL players don’t do much besides focus on being great at football’ theme, Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks definitely didn’t watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he was a kid.

He couldn’t name a single one, but did give a “cowabunga” when asked.

Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty was apparently more prepared for the Ninja Turtles line of questioning.

Why so many questions about turtles? The world may never know.

Julie and Zach Ertz were relationship goals

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz isn’t even the most accomplished athlete in his household. He’s married to Julie Ertz, a midfielder for the World Cup-champion United States Women’s National Team.

She traveled to opening night and got a chance to ask her husband a question on NFL Network and the whole thing was just d’awwww.

The question she finally landed on was: “What’s your favorite meal I make?”

“[My] favorite meal that Julie makes ... she makes unbelievable tacos,” Ertz said. “That would be my answer. She doesn’t make them all the time, so I’m kind of upset about it but when she does, they’re off the chain.”

Nobody can say no to great tacos.

Chris Long revealed he’s a win away from a terrible tattoo

Fans make terrible sports tattoo decisions sometimes, but you don’t see athletes commit like that too often. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Chris Long is about to have a really silly tattoo, thanks to a bet.

I’m sure Flajole is a great guy, but that’s one hell of a commitment to your coach.

Brandon Graham wore a dog mask

The Eagles almost went the entire media sessions without any dog masks, but Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham came to the rescue at the end of the night. He even threw a howl for good measure.

Eagles’ players started wearing dog masks at the beginning of their playoff run, embracing the role of underdog. Back then it was a German Shepherd mask, but Graham wore a pug mask. I guess any dog works in this case.

It was an appropriately silly way to close out a not-so-serious media night in Minnesota.