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Nick Foles moved to tears, says having his family at the Super Bowl is the ‘greatest thing ever’

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Foles couldn’t be happier his wife and daughter are in Minneapolis to see him on the biggest stage.

Nick Foles will be starting in the Super Bowl for the Eagles against the Patriots, after Carson Wentz went down with a season-ending ACL tear in November.

It’s taken a lot to get Foles to this point, but he let reporters know that his daughter and his wife are the most important things to him when he thinks about his journey.

It brought him to tears when speaking to the media on Tuesday:

“That’s the most important thing when I get to — you know when I get to think about this journey and everything,” he said.

Foles then started holding back tears, and said it was all about just seeing the two of them. “That gives you a little extra juice to go out here,” he said. “I know she’s going to grow up, and I want her to be proud of her daddy.

“Now to be a father, that changes everything. It takes the pressure away because I get to go home to her every night. No matter what happens — no matter if I play a horrible game, she loves me. She has no idea. If we win the Super Bowl, she has no idea.”

Foles said he wanted to win the game, but to have his daughter and wife in Minneapolis for the game is “the greatest thing ever.”