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This Ben Simmons move legitimately reminded us of a famous Michael Jordan play

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I cannot believe he pulled this off.

Ben Simmons is very good. He’s having arguably the greatest rookie season ever and is almost a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year, though Donovan Mitchell is going to give him a run for his money. The weirdest part? He’s able to pull off all this wizardry as a 6’10 point guard without a jump shot.

Teams sag off him all the time — in theory, he should be easy to guard. Just give him space, right? Yet, every week he’s able to do something else that leaves you saying “He shouldn’t be able to do that.” This week? He pulled this wild move out of his bag of tricks against the Nets on Wednesday night.

First of all, Simmons fixing his shorts or jersey or whatever while he was legitimately being guarded by someone feels hella disrespectful but in a great way. He knows you can’t reach, he’s too tall! So why not?

But let’s move past that for a second. That move? That move is insane. Tell me where he’s supposed to go right here, because I still don’t know.

But, man, where have we seen this before? It feels like a normal baseline move till he gives Jarrett Allen that sweet spin. But it all feels too familiar. Hm, WAIT ONE SECOND! THAT’S MICHAEL JORDAN’S MUSIC!


Okay, Simmons didn’t dunk over an NBA Hall of Fame and legend in Patrick Ewing. But it’s the same move from the same spot with a bit of a different finish. Keep in mind, also, that Simmons is 6’10. This shouldn’t be possible at all, but here we are.

Good luck with that for these next decade, NBA. You’re going to need it.

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