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The Falcons’ disrespectful blocking got them into the NFL playoffs

Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz presents his best blocks from the final week of the season.

The NFL regular season is over, but Disrespectful Blocks of the Week is nowhere near being finished. We will continue to roll throughout the playoffs, and might even reward the best finisher of the season. So thank you for sticking with us!

So as y’all know, this video mostly centers on NFL players. It does include skill-position players. The goal of the weekly video is showing the disrespect and savageness of blocks. I love seeing the finishes and, more importantly, the effort to finish and be nasty. I’m not sure any block better showed the ethos of this weekly video more than a college block.

Notre Dame might have the two best linemen in the country. They for sure have the best lineman to enter the draft in left guard Quenton Nelson. He has a legit chance to be a NFL All-Pro for years. So I started the video this week with his block. It’s just savage. He choke slams this defender and then ... well, watch the video.

Next, it’s the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons beat the Panthers on Sunday to get themselves into the playoffs. If the Falcons can play to their ability, they can be unstoppable. Here is Ty Sambrailo entering the game as the sixth offensive lineman, and he just crushes this defender. He times up the hips and hands and blasts this guy. Then he comes back for more and finishes the block.

I’ve been teasing a year-end award, and if we end up doing it, Kelechi Osemele will be one of the finalists. Here he’s pulling on a power play. He hits the linebacker sort of awkward, but goes ahead to finish the block. He stays connected to the linebacker and then throws him four yards downfield.

Let’s finish this up in Denver with the Kansas City Chiefs. Pat Mahomes made his debut this weekend, and it went well. Here, Mahomes climbs the pocket and fires the ball to Albert Wilson. Wilson gets a great block from Jehu Chesson to spring him for more yards. I love Chesson’s effort to get this block. He runs across the field and doesn’t stop to run this guy open.