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Former NFL player Aaron Maybin is a Baltimore teacher fighting to heat classrooms

Many schools in Baltimore are experiencing heating issues during the winter. Maybin is taking matters into his own hands.

Former NFL linebacker Aaron Maybin is now a teacher at Matthew A. Henson Elementary, one of several schools in Baltimore which have kept their doors open for business despite losing the ability to heat their buildings amid steadily declining temperatures. It’s 25 degrees there today, but wind chill makes it feel like single-digit weather.

Maybin, a former All-American at Penn State and first-round pick in 2009, posted a video to his Twitter account on Wednesday of a conversation he had with his students:

In short, the kids are really cold, and it shouldn’t be this way. Baltimore schools are experiencing heating and piping issues, and officials responded to complaints from almost 60 schools on Wednesday, according to The Baltimore Sun’s Pamela Wood and Talia Richman. The city has some of Maryland’s oldest infrastructure, and something funny is going on with the money that was allocated for construction.

Maybin has attacked the Baltimore winter head-on. He’s raised over $15,000 of his $20,000 goal to fund space heaters for schools and winter coats for kids. He also has been outspoken on the conditions the city expects its students to learn in:

Cheers to Maybin for stepping up to the plate. Hopefully, for the sake of these freezing kids, a solution is found.