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Jon Gruden showed us a highlight on his phone (really) during Titans-Chiefs

It’s 2018, and this is what we’re doing.

Jon Gruden is about to ditch the broadcast booth to coach the Oakland Raiders, and he gave us one last signature moment in the booth during his final game.

Marcus Mariota scored a touchdown that he threw to himself in the third quarter (really, it was as amazing as it sounds). Most of us weren’t sure whether we’d seen that before, and Gruden was there to remind us that it had indeed happened.

And, well, he showed us on his phone:

Look at the (reportedly) $100 million man with his phone:

As you might expect, he became a meme.

The biggest upset of Wild Card Weekend has to be that Gruden has a smartphone. He totally seems like the kind of person that would still have a flip phone like a Super Football Guy.

Thanks for the memories, Jon.