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NFL announcer Sean McDonough’s voice cracked during Titans-Chiefs and everybody loved it

Volume UP.

The Tennessee Titans almost had a brutal collapse in the final two minutes against the Chiefs after making a comeback of their own.

With the Titans a first down away from victory, it appeared that Derrick Henry was stripped of the football by Marcus Peters. Derrick Johnson then scooped the ball and ran it towards the end zone for a score that would have put the Chiefs up 27-22 with 1:47 left.

It resulted in a fantastic call by Sean McDonough, who sounded like he was trying to eject his lungs on the call. Everybody noticed.

The play was blown dead, and the Chiefs used a timeout to stop the clock. It wouldn’t matter, however, as the Titans would get another first down to secure the 22-21 win.

It was another legendary voice crack of a call by McDonough:

The Chiefs lead the game 21-3 at halftime, but the Titans roared back and ultimately got the win.

But the scare that the Chiefs put into them was phenomenal. McDonough’s call was even better. It’s almost too bad that it was all for nothing, but we’ll still have his breaking voice for the rest of time — and Jon Gruden won’t let him forget it.