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Alex Mack carried Devonta Freeman into the end zone for a touchdown

The teamwork here is unmatched.

The Atlanta Falcons have gotten out to a strong start against the Rams. Devonta Freeman scored the first touchdown of the game, but Alex Mack should get some credit for this one.

Freeman was met with two Rams defenders, and looked like he might be stopped short. That is, until Alex Mack came in and basically carried his teammate into the end zone:

The Falcoholic had a good idea as to how the scoring distribution of the game (Falcons 13, Rams 0) should look:

Mack has been great since he arrived in Atlanta. He’s been given two consecutive, second-team All-Pro nods, and has made the Pro Bowl five times in his career.

It won’t go in the box score, but we can probably go ahead and credit him with his first career rushing touchdown on this one. He earned it.