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Saints DT Tony McDaniel was told his wife was in labor mid-game, but it turned out to be the stomach flu

Sean Payton gave him the choice to stay or go, and McDaniel decided to hang around.

Erin Andrews delivered arguably the best sideline report that we’ve ever gotten during an NFL postseason game.

As opposed to the typical things that you might hear on what a coach wants to do in one of the three phases of the game, we learned that Tony McDaniel’s wife went into labor. Sean Payton specifically wanted to know what Andrews thought on whether or not to tell him:

Andrews said she told Payton, “You have to tell him.” Payton then said he would tell him and let him know he had the choice to stay or go.

After, Payton then looked at Andrews and told her, “I told him, we’re good.” McDaniel decided to stay in the game.

As it turns out, McDaniel’s wife wasn’t going into labor — she just had a stomach bug, but confused the bug for labor pains. Unfortunately for McDaniel, he ended up leaving the game after injuring his left leg anyway.

Hopefully McDaniel’s wife is fine, and he is too.