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Patrick Mahomes proved he’s the real deal on the Chiefs’ game-winning drive against the Broncos

Mahomes put on his big boy pants when Kansas City needed it most.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Right when the Chiefs needed him most, Patrick Mahomes delivered.

Kansas City tried its hardest to lose the game on the final drive, but the phenom second-year quarterback refused to let it happen. Mahomes put the offense on his back making spectacular play after spectacular play on the Chiefs’ game-winning drive — while breaking the Broncos’ 38-game streak of not allowing a 300-yard passer, dating back to their historic 2015 defense.


There aren’t any left-handed quarterbacks in the NFL, but Patrick Mahomes is apparently ambidextrous. With Von Miller in hot pursuit, Mahomes flipped the ball to Tyreek Hill, who was wide open for a first down.

After this first down, the Chiefs lost 20 yards from penalty to wind up with a second-and-30, before Mahomes saved them again.

Mahomes saved Kansas City with two big throws after costly penalties

As he was rolling away from the Broncos’ pass rush and running away from pressure, Mahomes absolutely ripped the ball down the field for a 23-yard gain to Demarcus Robinson. On third-and-7, he found tight end Demetrius Harris for 35 yards to put the Chiefs in the red zone.

Mahomes tried to hit Travis Kelce in the end zone on the next play, but the ball was a just a bit late and the pass was incomplete.

Two plays, later Kareem Hunt scored on a physical 4-yard run to put the Chiefs in front 27-23. Case Keenum and the Broncos zoomed down the field, but they weren’t able to score the go-ahead touchdown and the Chiefs sealed the deal to move to 4-0.

Denver shot themselves in the foot on a potential game winning drive

Denver was really close to getting the comeback win on the final drive, but its last two plays were missed opportunities. On third-and-10 with 22 seconds left, Case Keenum missed a WIDE open Demaryius Thomas for what would have been the game-winning score.

Mahomes’ reaction to the throw sums up the feeling of just about every Chiefs fan.

On the Broncos’ final play of the game ... you just have to see it for yourself. It looked like the play was meant to be a hook and ladder, but Courtland Sutton was hit as he attempted to lateral the ball to Emmanuel Sanders. With the block that Devontae Booker put on the Chiefs defensive back, Sanders might have been able to run the ball in for a touchdown had he caught it.

The play was ruled a fumble at first, then overturned to an incompletion. Either way, it’s a wacky end to an exciting game.

After the game, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid joined in the fun and made a joke about Mahomes throwing the ball with his left hand.

Denver almost stole the spotlight tonight, but nothing can get in the way of Showtime Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs right now.