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Why did Odell Beckham Jr. leave the field early before halftime?

Giants coach Pat Shurmur said it’s nothing to worry about.


Odell Beckham Jr. is frustrated with the New York Giants offense and hasn’t hidden that fact. He spoke honestly about the issues he has with the team in an interview on ESPN a week ago.

So it raised eyebrows when cameras showed Beckham walking off the field in the final seconds of the first half of a Week 6 game against the Philadelphia Eagles instead of sticking around for the last play.

Beckham didn’t return to the field in time for the kickoff in the second half, but eventually got back to the sideline before the first play from scrimmage. After the game, Giants coach Pat Shurmur told reporters that it wasn’t a case of Beckham quitting on his teammates.

Beckham had also received an IV two weeks ago in a game against the Saints.

On the Giants’ first offensive play of the second half, Beckham caught an 11-yard pass. The drive ended with a Saquon Barkley touchdown and Beckham was animated on the sideline after the score.

“I was trying to get myself fired up,” Beckham said after the game, via ESPN. “I did that, and it helped me. There was a lot of things that had me fired up. Like I said, it helped me bring out the energy — I don’t know a way around it but to get myself going.”

With Beckham off the field at the end of the second quarter, the Giants ran one last play without him — a screen pass to Sterling Shepard that went for 20 yards.

What the FOX broadcast didn’t note is when exactly Beckham made the decision to walk into the locker room. The Eagles lined up for a field goal with a few seconds left in the half, and there’s a chance Beckham didn’t believe the Giants had a chance at getting the ball back. Shurmur did not comment whether Beckham could’ve stayed on the field for the final play before halftime.

Either way, the decision to leave the field — IV or not — was reminiscent of early exits made by Randy Moss and Dez Bryant that brought those two receivers plenty of criticism. It will likely be the same for Beckham, who’s coming dangerously close to a contentious and combative relationship with the Giants.