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What does Patrick Mahomes’ voice sound like?

We asked some of your favorite sportswriters and people who had never heard Mahomes speak before. Here’s what they said.

The biggest question of the 2018 NFL season isn’t who will win the Super Bowl or who will finish with the league’s worst record. It’s something much more important than that.

What does Patrick Mahomes’ voice remind you of?

Everyone can agree that the Chiefs’ quarterback has a voice that’s sharply unique, so we decided to ask people who have heard his voice before, and people who haven’t, to describe what it sounds like to them.

What does Patrick Mahomes sound like to some of your favorite sportswriters?

“When I hear Patrick Mahomes’ voice, it sounds like a choir of angels, singing in harmony — specifically angels named Bobcat Goldthwait and Nick Nolte.” — Danny Kelly, The Ringer

I can’t one up Andy Reid. Mahomes is so froggy that any other attempt to describe would fall short like 98% of my 3-point attempts in rec league hoops.” — Field Yates, ESPN

“He sounds like Froggy from the 1995 version of Little Rascals, played by Jordan Warkol, who also voiced ‘Chocolate Boy’ on eight episodes of Hey Arnold!” — Robert Klemko, MMQB

“He begins sentences sounding like a 15-year-old who likes to fish in the pond behind his house, and then drops a few octaves a few words later to sound like a gravely NASCAR crew chief.” — Josh Norris, Rotoworld/NBC Sports

“Pat Mahomes’ voice sounds like the way a fried pickle tastes.” — Mina Kimes, ESPN

“Norv Turner after a hit of helium.” — Jourdan Rodrigue, Charlotte Observer

“Me, the morning after any more than three gin and tonics.” — Natalie Weiner, SB Nation

Patrick Mahomes sounds like a 7th grader who just drank a gallon of milk to convince his principal over the phone that little Patrick is too sick to go to school today.” — Marcas Grant, NFL Network

What does Patrick Mahomes sound like to people who have never heard him speak before?

I asked random strangers on the street, people in the barbershop, and some close to me what his voice sounds like. None of them had heard his voice before.

Here are their responses:

“He sounds like he’s about to burp.”

“He kind of sounds like if Andrew Luck was from Louisiana.”

“A muppet.”

“That guy definitely sounds like Kermit in a pair of overalls.”

“He sounds like someone chugged molasses with a pinch of cinnamon powder.”

“His voice reminds me of Hercule from Dragon Ball Z.

“Kermit with mucus in his throat.”

What do Mahomes’ teammates think he sounds like?

His teammates are on the same page with the people who think he sounds like a Muppet. Travis Kelce said Mahomes has a voice that’s “stuck between, like, the Cookie Monster and Kermit the Frog.” Head coach Andy Reid said his voice sounds “froggish”.

Reid apparently does the best impression of Mahomes, but he said he won’t do it in public — at least not until the end of the season maybe.

Mahomes also said people have been poking fun at his voice since the seventh grade — and the Chiefs are the latest ones to do it.

“If I’m ever getting too big of a head, they just kind of bring out the voice, you know — they try to mimic my voice,” Mahomes said on ESPN, via Business Insider.

Mahomes has exploded this season, establishing himself as a legitimate MVP candidate in his first year as a starter. Although Mahomes hasn’t been in the league very long, he’s making his presence felt on the field and creating discussion off it with his voice. This is all in good fun — hopefully his gunslinging style of play remains as distinct and as interesting as his voice.