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These young Celtics aren’t afraid of anyone. Especially Joel Embiid.

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Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier are ELECTRIC.

The Boston Celtics ran away with a 105-87 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA’s season-opener by way of unabashed youth domination. It wasn’t Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward or Al Horford who led Boston, it was the young 20-somethings who winked and (semi)-posterized their way to an emphatic “W.”

Playing against Joel Embiid, players tend to show their most expressive selves, and one Terry Rozier swat at a time that proved true. The combination of the point guard, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum even got Embiid to admit postgame that Celtics-Sixers was no rivalry at all because of its one-sidedness.

“J.J. mentioned it, this is not a rivalry,” he said. “I don’t know our record against them but it’s pretty bad. They always kick our ass.”

During the postgame postmortem, Philly probably had three highlights on the brain from a trio (Tatum, Brown and Rozier), whose combined age is younger than Gregg Popovich!

Jayson Tatum winked at Embiid after crossing him up

Tatum stormed past Embiid and banked a fadeaway over the seven-footer that all but closed this game out. It was a straight-up isolation play and Tatum cooked him.

The two train together over the summer so you knew Tatum was going to let him hear, thus bringing to life The Wink, a beautiful word-less move to assert dominance.

(There’s more on Embiid where that came from.)

Terry Rozier, who is not tall, blocked the crap out of Embiid, who is tall

Embiid bodied up Aron Baynes, a like-sized skyscraper who he knew he could take to the rim, and went to work. He’d push him down to the block and fade a hook over him like he’s done so many times before.

But no. A 6’1 Celtic with super-hops and a relentlessness to have the audacity to actually leap and try to block someone a foot taller shattered that plan.

Like what the heck even is this:

The timing could not have been more perfect, and the gall to even try something so unlikely will put this play in Rozier’s career highlights.

The Celtics are must-watch TV even when the bench mob rolls in.

Jaylen Brown disrespected Embiid the worst

I’ll clear some things up right up front:
a) I know Embiid blocked the shot a bit
b) I don’t care
c) It wasn’t a dunk
d) I still don’t care
e) This was dope

Charging down the floor at full speed, Brown took a pass from Irving and decided to launch at Embiid’s face with impossible height and dunk on his existence. Who the hell else besides the post-teen Celtics would attempt this chaos?

It’s even better seen in still form:

Opening night gave us back-to-back games with four of the flashiest teams in the league and multiple MVPs yet THIS is what we’ll remember.

Embiid got defensive on Instagram afterwards after the one-two-three punch.

What a night from the Celtics youth. This was just the beginning.