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Baker Mayfield’s face is the newest meme after the Browns’ OT loss

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Mayfield captured the pain of playing for the Browns perfectly.

For the fourth time in seven games, the Cleveland Browns went to overtime. Once again, they couldn’t even become the first team in ages to get a second tie in a season, much less win. No, they lost in heartbreaking fashion. But at least we got a meme out of it.

Chandler Catanzaro pushed the Buccaneers to a 26-23 victory in Week 7 behind the strength of a walk-off 59-yard field goal:

His kick sailed through the uprights with room to spare just moments after botching a potential game winner from 19 yards closer. And that gave us this reaction from Mayfield, who may have finally realized what being a Cleveland Brown is really about.

Cleveland battled back from a 23-9 fourth-quarter deficit to tie the game at 23-all, then held on as Buccaneers kicker Chandler Catanzaro pulled a game-winning 40-yard field goal wide right as time expired. That forced the extra frame against Tampa Bay, but the Browns’ first two possessions of overtime ended in punts — including one that started at the Bucs’ 45-yard line following a Jameis Winston interception.

But Tampa was similarly inept, and a three-and-out was set to put Baker Mayfield in position for a game-winning drive. Only it never happened. Jabrill Peppers fumbled during his punt return, and the Bucs used six plays to drive from the Cleveland 48 to the Cleveland 41 and set up a 59-yard opportunity for redemption for Catanzaro.

And then, moments later, the hatin’-ass internet went to work.

The Browns are now 2-4-1 on the season.