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7 times Patrick Mahomes lived up to his ‘Showtime’ nickname in the Chiefs’ blowout win over the Bengals

Mahomes brought the excitement once again on “Sunday Night Football.”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have played three primetime games in the last four weeks. And they have put on a show each time, in three different ways: a comeback win. A comeback loss. A blowout win.

Most of that is because of one man: Patrick Mahomes, everyone’s new quarterback crush. In the Chiefs’ 45-10 rout of the Bengals on Sunday Night Football, Mahomes was lights out again. He threw for 358 yards and rushed for another 43. He added four more touchdowns to his MVP campaign. That increased his total to a league-leading 22 passing touchdowns this season — the most ever for a quarterback in his first eight career games, at least since the Super Bowl has existed.

But he didn’t do it alone Sunday night. Kareem Hunt was responsible for 141 yards and three touchdowns (one rushing, two receiving). The Chiefs defense, which came into Week 7 allowing yards at a frighteningly historic pace, held the Bengals to just 239 yards. And Marvin Lewis still knows how to lay an egg in primetime games.

Yet, Mahomes was the star once again. As we’ve seen all season, there’s a reason his dad gave him “Showtime” as a nickname when he was growing up.

It’s not always about the gaudy numbers he puts up, though. Mahomes is also a source of entertainment whenever the cameras are on him. So while those stats may have helped him lead the Chiefs to the top-scoring offense in the league and a 6-1 record, let’s highlight some of the other ways Mahomes kept the party going Sunday night.

He gave an overlooked teammate a chance to shine

Long snappers usually don’t get much attention — and when they do, it’s probably not for a good reason (just ask the Cowboys). So here, when Mahomes just had to throw it away, he was a gentleman enough to cede the spotlight to long snapper James Winchester for a brief moment:

He waved off trash talk

After a 23-yard scramble, Mahomes ran out of bounds, where Bengals safety Shawn Williams started jawing at him.

Mahomes ran off and did a little wave on his way back on the field:

Wait a second, was that a Little Rascals wave? It’d make sense — after all, his voice does sound a bit like Froggy’s.

He shook off a defender

Even when a pass-rushing monster like Carlos Dunlap got a hand on him, it didn’t matter:

50 yards later, that’s a complete pass to Sammy Watkins, just in case you needed a reminder that Mahomes’ arm is stupid strong:

He dropped the ball

He mishandled the snap? That’s no problem, especially when Tyreek Hill his waiting in the corner of the end zone for a fast ball:

He danced like no one was watching

Early in the second quarter, Mahomes hit Hunt for a 15-yard touchdown, their second of the game. They celebrated with a little dance party:

We don’t know what kind of dance that was, but apparently Mahomes didn’t either:

At least we know it wasn’t the Macarena:

He sang along to “Sweet Caroline”

No matter how you feel about “Sweet Caroline,” you know the words. Mahomes does too, and he wasn’t shy about singing with the fans at Arrowhead Stadium:

If the Red Sox win the World Series, blame/credit Mahomes.

He brought us back to 2003

And if you ever doubted Mahomes’ throwing skills, then you should see what he was able to to with a basketball back when he was a kid. That’s more of a football throw than a basketball heave. The accuracy was already there!

With Mahomes at quarterback, the Chiefs have been incredibly fun to watch all season. Unfortunately, we have to wait another month until they’re in primetime again.

Fortunately, that game is against the league’s other most fun offense, the Rams. So it should be worth the wait.