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Booger McFarland calls Odell Beckham Jr. a ‘diva’ because he won’t pee his pants

“As a defensive lineman, we didn’t go to the bathroom.” 

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Monday night game between the Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants wasn’t very interesting or entertaining, but it did give us a ... candid moment from Booger McFarland.

Odell Beckham Jr. ran off the field for a second to use the restroom while the Falcons were on offense — a perfectly fine and normal thing to do. For some reason, this prompted McFarland to reveal that he used to use the bathroom on the sidelines (???) during the games while he was a player.

“You know, back in my day ... we would do that on the sideline. I didn’t need to go to the back for that. We just kind of sat down on the bench and do your business and move on,” McFarland said.

Even though Jason Witten and Joe Tessitore decided that was TMI, McFarland kept going.

“These diva wide receivers want to go to the bathroom. As a defensive lineman, we didn’t go to the bathroom.”

For some reason, Beckham was labeled a “diva” because he opted to use a real toilet instead of his football pants. It’s also kind of funny that Beckham had a rush to use the bathroom considering that he doesn’t drink water.

The Monday Night Football broadcast has been underwhelming this year to say the least.

But at least that moment was better than most of the game, a 23-20 win for the Falcons.