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Panthers give VIP treatment to Chancellor Adams on the week of Rae Carruth’s release

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Bravo, Panthers.

The Panthers had an incredible guest on the field before their game against the Ravens on Sunday. 18-year-old Chancellor Lee Adams is the son of Cherica Adams, who was killed by ex-Panther Rae Carruth.

Carruth was released from prison this week, and instead of focusing on him they made the day all about Chancellor. Players met with him, and safety Mike Adams showed him the back of his jersey to point out they shared a last name.

Chancellor has cerebral palsy and brain damage as a result of being without oxygen for 70 minutes after his mother was shot. But his story is one of life, not death — and up to this point the Panthers have been woeful to the point of negligent when it came to acknowledging Chancellor or his grandmother (and caretaker) Saundra Adams.

That changed with Carruth’s release as new owner David Tepper and the Panthers staff embraced the family and did their best to turn a difficult week into a special one.