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Here’s what the NFL playoff picture looks like at the halfway point

It seems obvious the Rams and Chiefs will make the playoffs, but which other teams are making strides toward the postseason?

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

With one game remaining in Week 8, we’ve just about reached the mid-way point of the 2018 NFL season. The playoff picture is slowly piecing itself together, and while there’s a lot to still be determined (there’s half a season left to play!), it’s time for our first look at who’s inching their way toward the postseason and who should start evaluating draft prospects.

AFC playoff picture

Win or lose tonight on Monday Night Football, the Patriots will remain in first place in the AFC East. But if they lose to the Bills, they’d also lose their temporary hold of the No. 2 seed. That’s because the Steelers’ win percentage (despite a 4-2-1 record) would be better than the Patriots’.

Speaking of the Steelers, they hold claim to first place in the AFC North. The Bengals have more wins at 5-3, but a lower win percentage. The Chiefs have a two game lead for first place in the AFC West, though the Chargers are very much alive in the playoff hunt, too. The Texans are in first place in the AFC South, where they have a two game lead.

If the season ended today, these would be the AFC playoff seeds:

1. Chiefs (record: 7-1), (conference record: 6-1)

2. Patriots (5-2), (4-1)

3. Steelers (4-2-1), (2-2-1)

4. Texans (5-3), (4-2)

5. Chargers (5-2), (4-1)

6. Bengals (5-3), (3-2)

In the hunt...

Ravens (4-4), (4-2)
Dolphins (4-4), (3-3)
Titans (3-4), (2-4)
Jaguars (3-5), (2-3)
Jets (3-5), (2-3)
Colts (3-5), (2-4)
Broncos (3-5), (1-4)

NFC playoff picture

The Rams are dominating in the NFC with all signs pointing to the No. 1 seed. The Saints’ win over the Vikings gave them sole possession of first place in the NFC South, for now. The Saints have a one-game lead over the Panthers who they play in Weeks 15 and 17. Washington is in first place in the NFC East with the Eagles creeping into the picture, back one game. The Vikings’ loss to the Saints gave the Bears back the lead in the NFC North. All four NFC North teams are in the playoff picture heading into the second half of the season, though neither wild card seed is currently an NFC North team. Meanwhile, after an 0-2 start to the season, the Seahawks are fighting their way into the playoff picture having won four of their last five games.

If the season ended today, these would be the NFC playoff seeds:

1. Rams (8-0), (5-0)

2. Saints (6-1), (4-1)

3. Washington (5-2), (5-1)

4. ​Bears (4-3), (3-1)

5. Panthers (5-2), (3-2)

6. Seahawks (4-3), (3-2)

In the hunt...

Vikings (4-3-1), (3-2-1)
Packers (3-3-1), (2-3-1)
Eagles (4-4), (2-3)
Falcons (3-4), (3-2)
Buccaneers (3-4), (2-2)
Cowboys (3-4), (2-3)
Lions (3-4), (1-3)